a9a part 4 & 9A-house


    Our choice is done on the office of a9a part 4! The thinking of our studio this time will take life as the origin and bring the thinkers back to the streets, far away from the glass-curtain-wall box of skyscrapers, and into the streets with warmth by walking, which may lead the fatigue thinkers no longer to wait for the elevators in queue and refuse the high parking fees; meanwhile, lunch will not be served as various food and beverage in cafeterias of office clusters, computer desks will not be in the invariable large square. Therefore, the design shows a simple objective and rough way of thinking.

    The purpose of this reconstruction is to make an evolution on the old buildings and find out another possibility of space reconstruction, meanwhile the thinkers need to return the life in humanity measure so that the team wisdom can be stimulated and something done on those non-workshop-like, non-historical and non-characteristic constructions is what we expect to see, an attempt, and the most proper way of changing from home office.

    The project is located at No.81 Jianshe Nanxin Road, within 8 meters near to a two-lane old blocks, and is on the same side of a public toilet, a small cake workshop, a daily supply store, a tobacco & liquor retail and Langsha sock enterprise, etc. On the opposite side of the street, there is a health & sex shop, a small flower shop, an entrance to the old community, a calligraphy studio, a pedicure shop, etc.

    The blocks are full of a living atmosphere, which can be reflected on several chairs put at will in the streets here and there by merchants, some yet-to-dry clothes hanging on the door strings of shops, a few large gilding characters "Jindian Training Center" suspended above the door inlaid by black stone. The school is somewhat dilapidated but still very refreshing, with white walls, grindstone ground and a flower bed in washed stone, and everywhere shows a nature of the government department over 20 years before.

    Part 4 is located at the end of the fourth floor in a simple structure, with a classroom, a corridor and two doors that one front and the other back. A simple logic of Single Action Line that to enter from the front door and get out the back door, can be used in the design. One line will be divided into two sides, one for working and the other for discussion only in hard chairs and on successive desks without any space for rest and recreation. The simple reason for such design is to keep the designers away from "an ass addicted to sitting" and allow them to stand up and walk around if they are fatigue in sitting, as well to make them cheer up in working time. The public corridor area is served as a place for everyone to have a rest and stretch one's body. Part 4 is a private office space for a9a, in which we make neither reception nor business, and only a site for collecting design consultations and discussing design thoughts inside the studio.

   The undulating curves form different functions, with the corridor in the middle and desktops on both sides, and a part curve lifting is designed to protect the cervical vertebrae of drawing staff. In this office, each partner will be regarded as a schoolmate to research and discuss topics related to architecture together. The main working role of Part 4 is as the studio's brain to collect information from different working ports here, including a core content of design, construction, control, accumulation, etc.

    The striking area marking in the corridor is not for advisement, but for the area division. A curved surface modeling in wooden structure is designed for the integration of interior space and the whole desktops. The designers just make a simply funnel-shaped ceiling girder with a light belt shape at the same time.