Location: KYLIN RISING CITY, Huiji district, Zhengzhou, China
Design team: JioJio Monika WangKang Mandy
Plot size: 500 sqm
project year: Feb 2017

        This project is located in KYLIN RISING CITY, Huiji district of Zhengzhou. This project is an interior design project which needs to transform three existed shops to a showroom. The modern style building is almost constructed which has commercial complex in the east and the main road will be planned to commercial pedestrian street and landscape area in the north which is planned to be one of the commercial sample areas.

Status Analysis:

The plot is irregular pentagonal spaces with two floors which were divided to three shops and now the client planed there to be one commercial showroom. Because there are a lot of staircases which can go up to the residential building and there are also a lot of shear walls, a lot of columns and irregular walls exist in the spaces. So there are two difficult points need to resolve then.

1. If we want the second floor as a complete space, leave or close the staircases is one of the main points.

2. Some columns and walls which are beautiful concrete surface, that kind of smooth texture are already kind of decoration which can be the highlight of the whole space.

Function Analysis:

Considering from functionality and based on the basic function requirement, The first floor needs the independent model promoting space, negotiation space and rest area, and the same time lobby, reception, bar and toilet, etc. The second floor needs office area, negotiation space, VIP area and rest area, etc. These two floors are connected with cube shaped frames, which are giving the third dimension to the space. The other two frames were placed in the model area in order to lead customers to the 3d model of their future flats.

Considering from the moving lines, there is no symmetric relation in the entrance part because of the irregular walls. But we use single moving line to lead people, no matter the explanation of guide or model area, or negotiation are quite smoothly existed in the whole space which is kind of landscape relations. How to lead people moving in rhyme is the key point of design.

Design Concept:

The main idea is to keep some existed structures and form a dialogue relationship with the vanity building space by using the structure system, and to achieve the effect of abundant space and refraction of the logic of Chinese philosophy. The language of architecture in the space is not typical Chinese symbol or Chinese detail to satisfy our client. The space is kept as an open space, where all the created divisions are half transparent and light. In both levels, natural zones were created, which are supplying the space with the outdoor feeling.

1. Imaginary space Keep some original structures and then close some original staircases, we created some functional frames to break the existed disorder spaces.

2. Strip Lights In order to create the third dimension to the space and fluently leading effect, we combine the strip lights and point lights in the whole space.

3. Marble and White Wall By using the rough marble and white wall to create the contrast, the designers are creating a texture coordinate space atmosphere. At the same time, we are trying to create a high- quality space by controlling the quality and percentage of materials using.