Location: city of lichuan / hubei, china
Title:Kiston Hotel
Design Team: Asif JioJio WeiXing yue
Size: 168sqm
Year Time: nov 2015

 Design Description

This project is a renovation for a serviced apartment. Traditional hotel rooms are transformed to apartment rooms. The building is consisted by 26 floors and four kinds of sites. For the utilization of space, on the premise of fully respect human body measure, designers make full use of the height of 3.6 m high by setting the mezzanine and storage space . For the interface, designers use rotated partition to make the space adaptable. On details, the designers use the elevation difference to distinguish different space. They also set up fitness equipment, as well as the fine furniture.


Site 1

The site area is 53 . The site is composed of the bathroom, living room and a workshop. A interlining for rest is set up to the bathroom. Beam above the living room is equipped with strength training equipment. What separates the living room and workshop, is a piece of glass with a TV attached to it. The rotatable glass makes the users in living room and workshop can both use the TV. There is a height difference between the working area and the living room. The steps under it could be used for storage. The designers also use corner space to make storage ark. At the same time, by the interlayer and the ladder, the designers make a rest attic. The glass between the attic and beam also adds interest to the space. The space under the attic is used for showering.


Site 2

The site area is 38 . The site is composed of a bathroom, rest area and a workshop. A attic is set on the beam to get an area for rest. The bathroom ceiling is lower. So it can be a whole part to the rest area by a rotatable clapboard. Beam is also equipped with strength training equipment or could be added plants by users. Bath space is set under the clapboard of the rest area.


Site 3

The site area is 57. The site is composed of a workshop, a Tatami area, a bedroom and 2 restrooms inside and outside. A sliding door is set for the restrooms. Tatami area separated from the workspace by a drop projection screen for the convenience for users. For the tatami area, the space under it could be used for storage. The middle clapboard can be removed for users comfortable sitting. While the clapboard is closed , the space will be a whole again. So the office space will be getting larger. The tatami area and the bedroom are separated by a slide door. For the bedroom, there is a tiny mezzanine which can accommodate one person to rest. The bathroom inside is set towards the bedroom for the convenience of users. Corner space and the space against the wall are also used for storage.


Site 4

The site area is 20. The site is composed of a bedroom and a bathroom. By the height difference between the corridor and bedroom, the rest space is separated from the lobby space. Users can sit down while showering. The bathroom ark and the bar counter are also ergonomic design.

Users can sit down in the shower, the bathroom ark and stage design as far as possible to meet the users human relations.