Location: city of chengdu / sichuan, china
Title: Buddha bar
PROJECT AREA: 1100 sqm
Project year: 2015

A white transparent outdoor bar and restaurant to be built in chengdu ( BUDDHA BAR ). Located next to the city famous river.

In order to offer the best climatic conditions throughout the calendar year the open bar area is protected by glass roof holds by steel structure surrounded with a transparent white curtains and patterned panels that both provide shade and protect guests from rain without blocking views to and from the site. 

Each of the sites units have designed to be as flexible as possible, offering the guests an open view to the whole site. a distinctive white curtains is introduced as a key component in order to engage an active dialogue with an existing Chinese local architecture, and as a signature of the architectural program and activities of the site.

the project presents a series of different level structures to increase the depth of the site and outdoor activities.