PROJECT AREA : 500 sqm

people are just passing ...

the idea is coming from the random and improvised markets creates along Asia. A dense line where a lot of people are passing by and slowly, more and more sellers are placing their products on the floor in a blanket or small vehicles. something very primitive, logical and unplanned.sometimes the line is a small street or a bridge, more sophisticated sometimes, like veccio brigde in italy or the bridge in chengdu ... but the idea is based on the same criteria. we want to offer a interesting path, create a link between 2 landscapes that provides aspecial experience making people to feel the need of crossing, passing by or just staying and relax.books books and more books ... and water. I want to be surrounded by books, but books that i can touch, use and read. all the books are displayed on shelves not higher than 1.5m accessible to everyone. in one side a wall  made of shelves 50m long provide with books and landscape view to the water. in the other side, a step ramp creates a playground where to sit or lay down while reading in a mountain of books. The main idea is too offer  some video experience as an complement. the upper part of the tunnel of books is made of bare walls, white plane surface for visual projections. Mind and water. the lake environment with the greenery and the water creates a perfect calm room for knowledge, a perfect place where to lay down with a book and forget about the time. we want to connect people and water through different experiences while reading books. like a submarine .

The program is divided in 3 platforms:

. the bridge . near the water, no shelter. couple of long benches go along the bridge offering a place to sit and read or having a nap with the feet under the water.

. submarine. under the water. through a few steps people go inside the pavilion a long with double high and narrow long openings in both sides. it is the display room. a long 100m wall with all kind of books are show in one side where in the other side a stepramp with books too generate a playground where to read, relax or just enjoy the reflection made by water on the walls.

. the telescope. here the space grow wider and focus into the landscape. 3 boxes are floating on the lake containing coffee/tea restaurant + exhibition  room and management offices.

All the boxes provide with a balcony where to sit on the edge and touch the water.