Moonlight treasure box


Design overview

The project is located on the south side of Xinglong Lake in Chengdu. The whole site is surrounded by water .The Xinglong Lake is the landmark area of “Three Verticals, One Horizontal, One Track and One Lake”, which is the key to the Tianfu New District. Chengdu Science City, Jinjiang Ecological Belt, Tianfu CBD have been stationed in this area. We hope that the Xinglong Lake Bookstore to be both pristine as the traditional bookstores and modern. In this way, the bookstore can integrate into its surrounding environment. The building uses the height difference of the lakeside, lying on the edge of the lake,with one side extending underwater. The simple box concretes façade contradicts the bright and open interior space. The inclination of the ground floor, on the one hand, follows the ice landscape, on the other hand,  allows daylight in the building from two sides. The four-storey functional space, allows users to communicate with the lake surface through the window. Sloping bookshelves are not just for display, but interactive, simple and etiquette.

 Building  description

The way of entering the building is by boat. From the "boat of wisdom" to the more intimate collection of books, and then the open reading area. The building brings rich spacial experience for users. Users can also enter from the side door from the greenway. The experience on boat encourages people to engage the building and its surrounding environment, and creates a better connection among people lake and the building. The side door is used as the exit which is efficient and convenient.

 Poured concrete buildings with a slightly sloping mass, as if they were grown from a slope. The glass windows from entrance and back side are 20m, and the other two sides are cast-in-place concrete. The bookstore tries to create a quiet atmosphere with the rough concrete and the delicate glass.

The book collection area is divided into four rooms. Each room has the same height and size, creating a long corridor. The corridor pass through the library and connects each room. The toilet is hidden in the underneath the third bookstore.

The lighting and the volume of the space also create the atmosphere for meditation.


Interior description

For the spatial sequence, the stairs on both sides connect all the floors and the entrance. The view varies when climbing up the stairs.  The floors are suspended, combined with a soft film light box, creating a bright and rhythmic atmosphere.

Library area: quiet and relatively closed space, carefully designed sloping bookshelves, ladders are placed for taking the books, creating a book for people - books, people - bookshelves, people - bookstores One-dimensional to two-dimensional to three-dimensional experience. It is worth mentioning that the slope also provides fluidity of the overall space. Visitors are expected to increase their interaction with books and experience the scale of space.

Reading area: open platform, bright lighting, comfortable reading environment. Take a lake view, a cup of coffee, a book, a journey of mind. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the building to connect to outside, allowing visitors to enjoy pure skylights and superior lake views.

The lights are placed in the ceiling to endure the ceiling is a smooth surface.