PROJECT AREA : 1750 sqm

       This project is located in Yandun jiao village, Rongcheng city of Shandong province which is a fishing village with beautiful scenery and is famous for swan paradise. This is a facade renovation project for an old building which has beautiful and primitive textured stone walls that existed for decades of years.  The requirement of design is to renovate the original building which is based on keeping the beautiful stone walls,  and Combining with the interior function requirements ( it is defined as a swan exhibition center), the old building is designed from facade and interior at the same time which can make the whole building in harmony and unity.

Status Analysis:

There is an unique landscape because of those traditional buildings, such as the seaweed houses which are built by stone walls and seaweed roof. Our project is based on one of those traditional buildings.

1. The most important point is to combine some new elements reasonably and harmoniously on the old building that must keep those charming stone walls.

2. Another important point is to rearrange the location for the main entrance which can make is visible and possible to be connected to the future reconstruction of the other buildings.

Function Analysis:

Considering from functionality and based on the basic function requirement, the renovated building should be in harmony with the environment and increase the richness, such as coffee bar and rest area and to arrange the entrance location to the patio.

Considering from the space, the interior design is to satisfy the basic exhibition requirement and at the same time to extend the multiple layering scene as the main purpose. From the general layout plan, the exhibition building and other small ones are enclosed to one courtyard. From the main road, the facade of the exhibition building is relatively closed and simple, and the main point of movement lines is to put inside of the patio and finally to create a modest and harmonious relationship between the renovated building and existed environment.

Considering from the elevation, we create one volume which projects from the original facade to break the old elevation relations and then create a contrast between new and old elements. And the same time, it emphasizes the entrance for coffee bar which people can see the interesting things inside and be curious to find the entrance to go inside of the building from the patio. 

Considering from the section, we create the interlayer to be “house in house” and also create the terraced exhibition hall and semi-underground exhibition hall.

Design Concept:

The main proposal is keeping the traditional and beautiful shape of the architecture, with a touch of modernity . As all the town, kept in a very good stage, we should think about the future of architecture. This is not a place for crazy proposals , that are not connected to the past. Our main proposal is strictly connected to the past, but with modern materials and different space treating, it will be up to date for a long time, not just after building. Very important is our process of thinking , that interior should be connected with exterior, which is very visible in the section of our proposal.

    -roof – We decided to keep the structure of the old roof, which will make an extraordinary atmosphere. We added additional steel construction for sustaining the  roof cover. We combined 2 materials of the roof – steel and glass.

    - atmosphere – The atmosphere of the exhibition can be controlled by 2 different space models – open space that is light-full and big and closed space “inside the boxes”. We created special volumes connecting floor and going above the roof, that are catching light from outside in a different ways that it is happening in the main space. These volumes will be suitable for video mapping of the swan and smaller exhibitions.

-patio – Our proposal contains new patio part, where the main entrance is located. With this idea we made the entrance important, visible and possible to be connected to the future reconstruction of the other building. The volume of the entrance is connected to the new building of the restaurant. Surrounded with a lot of patios, there is a special atmosphere created of the building connected to the nature. The terrace - roof is a very interesting part that we created, where the nature is also present with water.