Location: city of Lichuan / Hubei, china
plot size: 4000 sqm
project year: Jul 2016

This is a cultural hotel project of elevation and interior synchronous transformation, which is located in the downtown of Lichuan City, Hubei Province. The status quo of the construction is a boat-like sales department built in 2000 with a messy architectural form and 4 floors, covering an area of 900 square meters. With the rapid development of economy and tourism in Lichuan City, when the sales department had completed its historical task, it is going to be updated into a resort hotel in line with the client's demand. On the south direction of the base, there lies a comprehensive star hotel belonging to the Shidai Estate Group up to meet the basic needs of tourism and business accommodation. As a supporting project, the scheme is positioned as a high-end travel personal hotel and shall be distinctive from an ordinary star hotel on service and building atmosphere. In addition to the building elevation, the design team also tailors the interior decoration and furniture according to the hotel favor and selection, so as to create a clear image of the hotel features with a high degree of recognition and enhance the hotel brand culture.

Status Analysis: 1.The existing architectural form is a boat shaped layout, which presents as being tapered at both ends but wide in the middle. Hence, it is a main starting point to untangle the relation between the new elevation and interior logic based on the current layout. 2.The building stands in front of the Heibin(Riverside) Road, and the principal facade of this project is in front of a river. Behind the building, there is a 8-meter pedestrian way facing a residential building, resulting in an uncomfortable sight. Therefore, the layout direction of guest rooms needs a thorough consideration. 3.The original interior layout is in chaos due to the repeated reconstruction of leased office space, which is unable to attain the present positioning function. Functional Layout: Service area: the first floor will be the lobby, integrated with the gym&restaurant&coffee shop and other logistical functions; the top floor is for meditation via a direct lift. Guestroom Area: second floor to fourth floor is set for 24 guest rooms, including 6 business suites, 6 family suites, 2 couple suites and 6 luxury suites.

Design Idea: 1.The indoor and outdoor design will combine with the original contour lines, simplify the original line changes, adopt new lines to integrate space and enrich the space level. With regard to the elevation renovation, owing to the fragmentation of elevation and chaos of materials, the construction is more suitable for a simple but unique design. 2.Inspired by the local Karst structure, the design refines some curve design logic, utilizes curves and curved surfaces to enrich the space elevation, melting the facade into the local artistic environment. Landscape Transformation Means: landscape planning will be in line with the elevation design language. 1.Entrance: the waterscape, lights and land lamps will be installed to heighten the hotel atmosphere. 2.Roof Garden: taking advantage of the heightening elevator hall area to extend the roof garden. Indoor Transformation Means: 1.Stair atrium layout: increase the stairs to reset the main and secondary entrance. 2.The lobby tends to prefer the left-side elevator 3.Guest room distribution: unilateral distribution. Room Design Means: 1.Open and flexible interior layout, represented by the removable door wall and free tub. 2.Concise material changes, mainly in white&wood. 3.The lighting design highlights the volume of space.